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*Throws wood down*

A wolf pup is barking excitedly and running back and forth.
"Sha, we have to wait for the others."
More excited barking.

"O.K. Sha, stop knocking me down! I'll start a small fire, and we can build it up when the others come."
Excited barking and a "WHOMPH!"

"Sha! Look what you've done! That's all the wood I could find! Now I have to go and find a LOT more because we want the fire to last all the way through Nano'een night!"

There's now a huge bonfire in the firepit.

Oy. I forgot that Sha is UaSha. *Finds a large tree branch* I wonder if jimnightmare will bring those giant marshmallows?


Mountain Cabins


Everyone is tired. There is a place that is a mountain going up into the sky with cabins and the cabins are made of rainbows that got squashed and folded up. It is a good place to rest maybe if people need a place in dreams to rest.

There is no mosquitos on the mountain. They made little clouds that are mosquito zappers they fly around and hit the mosquitos with lightning bolts.


Egg Hunt Clues

More hints!
If you live ahead of someone else, please don't give away clues! You may, however, engage in a victory dance of your choosing when you find them all.

A detailed list will be posted tomorrow so that you can distinguish this year's eggs from the ones I hid last year. There will be some repeat appearances, but they will be in different places.

Please wait until Easter, any time, to open!Collapse )


A painting of Marai

This is Marai Canny, the chief of the Canny farmstead in Dekan.

On second thought, image-cutCollapse )

Because Marai is something special in Dekan, I keep running into trouble when I try to tell her story. I could list off the things people admire about her - that she takes in lost boys (meaning girls too, in Dekan slang) and sets them to work on the farm, that she sits on the Dekan council, that she's a force to be reckoned with when somebody, usually some exploitative merchant from Tapolith, sets out to harm one of her nips (kids). But that would only tell the surface of her story, and probably leave some people bored and resentful at reading about yet another perfect Mary Sue.

The truth sits out in a windy night at the edge of the woods...Collapse )

Cross-posted to my journal.


She has been to the place called Dirt. Not many know this and she rarely tells of her visit; rarely speaks of the things she saw -

But there are rare times when the door that leads from outside into the common room opens, and the boys exclaim welcomes and fall to comparing stories, to drinking ale and tea; and after a bit of comraderie the man they celebrate will slip away from the celebration to open the door at the far end of the room.

She waits for him there.

She does not think him a monster; if she did, she would have to think the same of herself. But the monster in him is the reason he will not stay, and so she chooses carefully what few words they will share.
Other sharings are more important.

Here Bonnus does not need to hide the transformation that has inspired others to speak of him as a dragon. She welcomes it, matches his transformation with her own, and both revel in the freedom that comes of not having to hold back appearances, words or touch.

When they are sated she will tell him: there were dancers there. They could have been from home, from Karn, she says, and he senses the sadness she holds inside, so he holds her and touches her and whispers for her to continue.

He knows parts of the story. How she was recruited to go back to Karn, and how the Grehti stole the rest of her life away. Sometimes she says that she gave it to them, but he knows she is lying, not to him, but to herself. The priests took her freedom in exchange for safety from her sister, who was recruited by the priests but fell victim to a more powerful recruitment - the call of the speritu. He knows, Bonnus does, that this is why Marai cannot return to Karn. Her sister, now a demon, would find Marai and kill her.

But he does not understand why she would want to go back to Karn. Dekan is where she was born and where she has lived all but those four years spent becoming a Grehti priest. Why would she miss a place so full of pain?

She tries to explain the rituals, so like what she saw on Dirt. The fires, the dancers, the drumming, the music. If she had not been recruited by the Grehti, she would have danced at shapefindings. She learned the dances because as a priest, she would train women and girls in basic dance, and she would dance with them at shapefinding, and she would dance for her mate to bring his fire for warrior's honor.
Now she dances for Bonnus, and he feels a strange stirring in his body. That is your fire, she says. It is so much more powerful on Karn...but there, on Dirt, they know the dances. She tries to show him, to make his fire rise, to make him understand, but he doesn't. His passion does rise and she satisfies herself with that. At least she can love him in shape, as Rsakk. At least he knows to use the words she has taught him. Cazimi. Nari. Hikaj.

By agreement, by morning he is gone.

A cup of tea and a long silent time by the fire.
"If you could see it," she breathes into the cup, and in her mind she sees herself among the dancers, her red hair flowing, arms winding in intricate movements, hips swaying, drums in the background and everyone's fire rising. She allows herself a savage, rsakk smile, knowing that no one is there to appreciate her carefully filed teeth. Then she sets the cup down and ties back her long red hair.

There is a household to run.


A Dare

Queen Takes Knight (From a WaterSong Story)

Come, she said

He’d prepared himself for questioning.

He’d been through the between. He’d been through countless portals to countless worlds and he had faced the dangers that accompany such a life. He was experienced. When he met the boy UaSha, he knew UaLin (or one like her) would follow.

But he was unprepared for UaLin herself.

She was beautiful. She was pretty, but there was Uza, there, and purpose, and energy that compelled him. She was filled with power!

His fascination for the plight of the small boy was derailed.

He wanted to go with UaLin.

He wanted her.

Let her take him.

He needed to get deeper, into her mind. He would lead her on the journey he had planned for her, and give her the message he’d carefully crafted. Was that the only reason? To get in, he needed to open his mind to her. He gave her a tiny opening and she seized it. He resisted, and her grip on his mind increased. The pain surprised him, as did her strength. But as she clamped wards on his mind, binding him to her, her own wards wavered, ever so slightly. He slipped in. He would know her.

Come, she said, and took him.

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quotes I have stolen

Adopted Quotes:

Dumbledore, to Harry, page 723 "Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?"
Stolen from the Zyfron system. which consists of not planets, but people.

The Stolen Egg:


Wing 1

I am -
I am Griff. Before anything else, I am Griff.
I do not wish to be anything but Griff.
But I am also Grehti. The priesthood still forces itself on me. The snow and caves of the Griff camps - there is no healing.
I am Teraf. All that Teraf wanted is gone.
I am here.
Speak and I will answer if the Mother wills it.